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 DonnerhallDonnerhall Grundstein

Denantes is a sweet, sound and athletic mare. Her sire, Donnerschwee, is a stallion of the very highest quality and is particularly revered as a mare sire. Donnerschwee's first crop of nine foals resulted in the SPS mares Doubleple, Fariola and Weissera. The latter won the 1996 Oldenburg State Riding Horse Championship and was third of the four year olds at the Federal Championship in Warendorf. She is meanwhile successful at advanced level. In 1999, the Donnerschwee daughter Geisha was the runner-up of the Oldenburg elite mare show in Rastede. In 2000, his daughter, Grace Kelly, was awarded the state premium Diamond Ring and became state vice-champion, ambassador of the Oldenburg Association at the state championship and one of the top auction lots at the Vechta autumn auction. Donnerschwee himself celebrated triumphs in the dressage arena, with high placements at state and federal championships. He continued his sports career with ease, winning intermediate and advanced dressage competitions as well as Intermediaire I and being in the forefront at Grand Prix events.

Donnerschwee's sire, Donnerhall, needs very little introduction. Donnerrhall is one of the most successful dressage horses in the world. He successfully combined a full breeding book and great success in sport. In 1986 Donnerhall was the German DLG Champion in Hanover. After many wins in Grand Prix, Grand Prix Special and freestyle classes at International level he became German champion in Mannheim with his rider Karin Rehbein in 1994, team world champion and individual bronze medal winner in The Hague. This was followed, in 1997, by team gold and individual bronze at the European Dressage Championships in Verden. In 1998, he was a member of the gold medal team in Rome, where he attained fourth place in the individual results. Donnerhall won the World Cup European League, as well as being the Oldenburg Dressage Stallion of the Year in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

Denante's dam, St Pr St Charisma, is sired by the legendary Grand Prix Dressage Stallion Grundstein, who sired 13 fully approved breeding stallions in Germany. He was the leading sire in the FN rankings among stallions in the top 10% of their age group in both jumping and dressage for many years. In 1995 Grundstein's dressage index was an incredible 178 matched only by his impressive jumping index of 142. Finding such a truly dual purpose stallion in a mare line is rare and when crossed with the Donnerhall blood through Donnerschwee has the optimal chance of having a mare that will produce top sporthorses in all disciplines.

 Dr Ludwig Christmann of the Verband Hannoverscher Warmblutzuchter in 1995, stated "It is confirmed that the G-line is and will be Hanover's performance line No. 1, the high performance ability of the legendary sires Grande and Gotthard lives on in the grandsons and granddaughters. What their secret is can hardly be fathomed: as foals descendant from the G-line may not be as eye-catching as others and show less spectacular movements. On the other hand the centre of strength in their loins is often particularly strongly marked. They have this particular strength in their backs-at the same time keeping the absolutely necessary elasticity - which is essential in both jumping and dressage horses of high levels. And character plays an important part- the willingness to perform and to make more of an effort when it really gets tough. The G- line is a treasure which is far from being discovered by many of us".


Denantes Denantes Denali Denali (Denantes x Sir Donnerhall) Sir Donnerhall
Sir Donnerhall 

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