AronjaAronja, shown here with her new owner Samantha Kidd, won Champion non-Hannoverian mare at her Hannoverian Inspection. Aronja has been retired from having live foals, due to her age, but will continue to produce outstanding foals for Dr. Kidd, using embryo transfer. We're very happy with the excellent and professional care that Aronja is now receiving. We look forward to seeing the resultant foals.

Arissa HW4Arissa, shown here schooling over fences at High Winds Farm in Charlotte, is developing into a very honest and talented hunter/jumper prospect. She never refuses a fence and is very bold cross country, jumping a log drop into water on the very first try with ease. We're pretty excited about this, as we bred her intending to breed a dressage horse. Arissa is sired by Starlight (Sandro Hit x Argentinus) and is out of our mare Aronja.

WillyLance, previously named Lord Willing (Willy) won several hunter classes at the 2015 Vermont Hunter Festival, including Champion of his division. He is shown here ridden by Shane Powell. Willy is a son of Las Vegas out of our mare Aronja. Lance is a half brother to our mare Arissa, who is also showing a tremendous aptitude for jumping.

DonegalDONEGAL - Sired by Don Deluxe out of our Stedinger mare (Nessundorma) was born on June 28, 2015 in Germany. A nice healthy strapping colt, we're very pleased with this boy. His sire, Don Deluxe, is a De Niro x Rosario x Feiner Stern. Don Deluxe was Champion of the 2013 Oldenburg Stallion licensing and was then purchased by the Danish rider, Andreas Helgstrand. This colt is a superb mover and we will post a video soon. For now, check out a video of his sire, Don Deluxe.

SolsticeSOLSTICE - 2015 filly. Sired by Rubinero out of our Silvio mare, Silvi (Feodana). This filly is everything we could have hoped for and was selected Premium at her GOV inspection. We are planning on keeping her for the future, to see how she develops.                                                          

DenaerysDENAERYS - 2015 filly. Sired by Rhodes Scholar out of our Donnerschwee x Grundstein mare, De Nantes.  This filly was awarded a Premium as well as a Foal of Distinction at her GOV inspection. We're planning on keeping her.                                                          

Trixie in MATantriste, ridden by Audrey Green, spent a month at Grazing Fields Farm in MA where she was introdued into the hunter world. She loves her new job and made us very proud. She won her very first class over fences and has been an absolute sweetheart. She loves to jump, has an amazing amount of potential and we are so pleased with her.  Congratulations to Courtney Glotzer, who is the new owner of Tantriste.                                                             

SemillonSemillon, at the 2014 GOV (German Oldenburg Verband) won a Premium rating and was awarded a Foal of Distinction. Sired by Diamond Stud and out of our mare Silvi, she was only 2 1/2 weeks at the time and we were so pleased and proud. She is going to remain with us.

Rohan aAt the 2014 GOV (German Oldenburg Verband) inspection, our colt ROHAN won a Premium rating and was awarded Foal of Distinction. He is sired by Rubignon and is out of our mare Easy Go.  This colt is for sale.                                                          See our sale page.


GMHA ArissaArissa, (Rubinstein x Sandro Hit x Argentinus) out of our mare Aronja and sired by Starlight went to her first big dressage show at GMHA and was a superstar. Ridden by Elena Collins, they won all of their classes at Training Level and First Level and brought home the AA High Score awards at both levels. We are so proud of both of them.


GMHA SattlerJim Read and Annabel Sattler of Sattler Farms proudly displaying their ribbons from the June GMHA dressage Competition. Both of these horses were bred by Vermont Warmbloods and we are so proud of them and offer huge congratulations to Annabel and Jim.   Although we do not have a picture of them, one of our other foals, Cassanova, also won his class at Second Level. It was a great day, indeed!


Franzal 1Franzal 2Franzal, sired by Franziskus out of Nessundorma by Stedinger was born in Germany. He is a very correct and handsome colt. He will be for sale and we are debating whether to import him to the US.


SemillonSemillon, out of Silvi by Diamond Stud was born mid June. This filly is everything we hoped for. She has big movement, is very lively and super friendly. We're thrilled with her and are planning on keeping her.


Rohan headWe're happy to announce the birth of Rohan, sired by Rubignon out of Easy Go, who was born on April 2, 2014.He has lots of personality and we are very pleased with him.


DeAmanteDeAmante, sired by Devon Heir out of Amanta (Alabaster) was born. He sadly lived a frisky but short life and perished in a freak accident at the age of 3 weeks.


Rugatto head newsRugatto yearRugatto won his Premium rating at the 2013 GOV inspection and was awarded Foal of Distinction.  Rugatto is sired by Rubignon and out of our mare Easy GO. On the right is a picture of Rugatto as a yearling.

Trinket headTrinketB newsTrinket won her Premium rating and was awarded a Foal of Distinction at the 2013 GOV inspection. Trinket is sired by Solos Landtinus and out of our mare, Tantriste.

SovereignSovereignSovereign won his Premium rating at the 2013 GOV inspection. Sovereign is sired by Soprano and out of Gayle Gardner's mare, Wellcome Symphonie

RAZI4We're so happy when owners of our foals contact us.  Here is a picture of our filly, Shiraz (aka; Razi) being ridden by her new owner, Jaclyn  Fried.  Razi is sired by Donates and out of our mare, Sazarac. We sadly lost Sazarac, but are thrilled to see how well her daughter is doing.

FranziskusWe're so pleased to announce that we have a mare in Germany, NessunDorma, who is confirmed pregnant to Franziskus.  The mare is a Stedinger daughter.  The picture on the left is of the stallion Franziskus. A picture of the mare is on the right.Stedinger mare

Jim Read is proudly displaying the results of his "better half" at the Saratoga Dressage Show in June.  Congratulations to Annabel Sattler on her winning rides on both Franconia (by Fidertanz) and Donali (Sir Donnerhall). Both mares averaged scores in the 70s.  Donali was bred by Vermont Warmbloods.  On the right is Annabel with Donali on the left and Franconia on the right.  Way to go, ladies.

Trinket newsOur mare, Tantriste, presented us with a charming filly, Trinket, sired by Solos Landtinus.  She is such a sweetie and since this is the first foal out of our young mare Tantriste, we're thrilled that she wasn't huge at birth.  She's growing rapidly and is a real cutie.

RUGATTO NEWSOur mare Easy Go foaled a lovely big colt, sired by Rubignon.  We've named him Rugatto.  He's full of life and loves to play.  We're very pleased with this boy and expect great things of him. He is an absolutely "in your pocket" kind of guy who learns quickly and loves people and life.

Sam sWe're happy to announce that our colt Sam Silver, who is owned by Oded Shimoni, was named the top Dressage Colt in the US for 2012 by the German Oldenburg Verband.  Sammy is sired by Sir Gregory. We're so proud and thrilled for Oded as well.

Amanta PirouetteWe're very pleased to announce the addition of our new mare, AMANTA. Sired by Alabaster (Akzent II/Wendepunkt) and out of a Woronesch (Wandekreis) / Patron mare.  Amanta has competed through Intermediare with very high scores and has a superb character.  We're very excited about having acquired this mare and are expecting her to produce some outstanding foals.  We'd like to thank Lauren Hampton for making this acquisition possible.   (photo by Michael Bradtke)


FantasiaFANTASIA - Won Premium at the 2012 GOV Oldenburg inspection.  Fantasia is sired by Sir Gregory and is out of our mare Silvi (Feodana) by Silvio I.    We expect her to shed out to be dark brown like her mother and she has a superb temperament. She showed amazing elasticity and "joie de Vive" in her inspection and is quite definitely the barn charmer.

Sam SilverSAM SILVER - Won Premium and Foal of Distinction at the GOV 2012 Oldenburg Inspection.  Sam is out of Warkantusi by Warkant and is sired by Sir Gregory.  Bred by Vermont Warmbloods, he is owned by Oded Shimoni.  He absolutely stole the show with his athleticism and ebullience.


WillyWillingly  (Lord Willing) went to his first sanctioned AA rated USEF Horse Show - Vermont Summer Celebration.  Owned by Anna Pavlov and ridden by her trainer, Shane Powell, he won his Baby Green hunter class, was second in the Schooling Hunters under saddle class and won third in the Baby Green Hunter under saddle class.  These were large classes and we couldn't be happier or more proud.


Shiraz, sired by Donates, out of our mare, Sazarac, is happy at her new home in Michigan. Congratulations to her new owner. We're really looking forward to following her progress.  To see a video of Shiraz in training, follow this link


SambaWarkantusi foaled a strapping big colt by Sir Gregory on June 12, 2012.  This guy has 4 whites and a big blaze. We're so happy for Oded Shimoni and his new colt.  He's a lovely big boy with a lot of character.  His barn name is Samba.  His dam is a Warkant daughter out of a Gloster/Weltmeyer mare. 



Silvi fillyFantasiaSilvi presented us with a lovely  Sir Gregory filly on June 2, 2012.  Fantasia's dam is our Silvio I x Futuro daughter.  We are reserving this filly for our breeding program at this time. She has the sweetest temperament one could find in a foal.


Trixie GMHAArbrookOur young mare, Tantriste, ridden by Edith Taylor went to the June 2012 USEA GMHA competition and won the New Event Horse (NEH) division with an overall score of 78.44%


TysonTysonIroneer, sired by Ironman out of our mare Silvi (Silvio I) and owned by Susan Graf went to the 2012 USDF / DSDCTA Northwest Florida Classic I competition and won the 3 yr old Materiale Class, the 3 yr old Sporthorse in Hand class and was the Champion Oldenburg (GOV) of the show.    He was handled and ridden by Martha Hartford Sapp.


Tantriste, ridden by Edith Taylor, won two of her classes at Training Level at the Essex Dressage Days, 2011.  She also placed second in the qualifying class with a score of 67.66%.  She's progressing so well and we couldn't be happier with that pair. Every time out she shows more confidence and steadiness and seems to try harder for Edith. On the right is Edith and Tantriste at the Huntington Farm event.

Ironeer at his first breed show with his owner Susan Gage in Florida.  We've been getting regular updates from Susan, who reports that he's a real character and wants to be her best friend and play buddy.  We love hearing from owners of our foals.

Somer, sired by Soprano out of Reina (Royal PrincexCaprimond) was given a Premium award at the 2011 GOV (German Oldenburg Verband) inspection.  Congratulations to his breeder/owner Gayle Erdman.  Somer, known also as Rigley, has been sold.

Westminster Abbey, sired by Fhitzgerald out of our mare Warkantusi (Warkant x Gloster) was awarded a Premium at the 2011 GOV inspection. This filly is owned by Vermont Warmbloods and we are reserving her for our breeding program.

May Carrera, sired by Routinier out of a Matador mare was awarded a Premium at the 2011 GOV inspection.  This filly is owned and shown here by Becky Train of Frogs Leap Farm.  Congratulations to Becky.

Rhomeo, sired by Rhodes Scholar out of our mare Silvi (Silvio I x Futuro) was awarded Premium at the 2011 GOV inspection.  Congratulations to his owners Annabel Sattler and Jim Read of Sattler Farm in MA. He was bred by Vermont Warmbloods. 

Denantes, ridden by Carolyn Tulumello, earned her 4th Level qualifying scores at the 2011 UNH Dressage on the Seacoast Show.

Tantriste, ridden by Edith Taylor, competed in her first combined training event in Riga, CT.  Edith and Tantriste are being sponsored by the Salisbury Trust Co and are competing at the beginner novice level.  Although they had a lot of time faults, they jumped every fence and we considered it a great outing for our young mare.

The Count Basil, owned by Kylee Lourie and ridden by Andrea Doelling, won the Upper Level Reserve High Point during the 2011 Parker Adventist Hospital Dressage in the Rockies.  This is one of the largest dressage shows in the region and they won the Freestyle, judged by Hilda Gurney, with a 72.66%.  For more information, see the article in Dressage Daily.  The Count Basil is out of our SPS Elite mare Aronja and sired by Chico's Boy. We're thrilled with this news and are looking forward to following their progress.


WESTMINSTER ABBEY ( Fhitzgerald (Florencio) x Warkant (Gloster).  Born in April 2011. 

RHOMEO (Rhodes Scholar x Silvio I).  Born in May 2011.

Rigley (Soprano x Royal Prince (Caprimond) - Born May 2011.

SOCRATES (Soprano x Easy Go (Feiner Stern)) won his Premium rating at the 2010 GOV inspection.

SERAPHINA (Hoftanz x Silvio I)  Sera also won Premium status at the 2010  German Oldenburg Verband Inspection.       


IdomeneusIDOMENEUS (Idocus x Rubinstein (Admiral)) was awarded Premium rating at the 2010 German Oldenburg Verband inspection.


Omologato (Olivier x Sazarac (Martini)) Won approval as a stallion by the Oldenburg/GOV at the 2010 inspection held at High Point Hannoverians in Maryland.  We’re so proud as Sazarac is our eldest broodmare and is also the mother of Shiraz (on our sales page).  Sazarac has produced numerous offspring including last year's colt who was awarded "foal of distinction".  We sadly learned that Omologato passed away as a result of a tragic accident in 2012. Our heart goes out to Gerry and Laura Celia on their loss of this gorgeous young stallion.


Sez Moi, shown here with her mother Silvi as a foal, recently was shown at the USDF NEDA fall breeders regional Championships and put in an amazing performance.  She won 1st place and Champion of the IBC/GOV class, She placed 2nd in the 3-yr old filly division, Reserve Champion of the New England Sport Horse Breeders Futurity and was third in the New England Series Filly Finals.  Sez Moi is sired by the Dutch stallion Olivier and out of our Silvio I mare. Congratulations to her owner Suki Flash and her handler Philisberto Silva. 

Denantes (our Donnerschwee x Grundstein mare) won her 3rd level class and is now fully qualified for the regional championships.  She also won 3rd level Champion at the King Oak Dressage Days, under her rider Carolyn Tulumello.  We couldn’t be prouder of both of them. Carolyn has earned her bronze medal – go Carolyn!.The pictures are of Denantes and Carolyn at the USDF NEDA Regional Championships.

Soprano (Sandro Hit x Fiore (Contender)) sired two young horses that were selected to represent Denmark in the World Young Horse Championships to be held in Verden, Germany in August!   The two horses are from Soprano's first foal crop in Europe. The mare, Grevens Sa Va, and the gelding, Sopran Morso, both qualified for the 5 year old division.  Alain exclaims, "This most recent significant achievement by his offspring clearly demonstrates Soprano's quality as a sire of top sport horses. We are extremely proud of Soprano and feel very lucky to have been given the opportunity to bring him to the United States."   Soprano is the sire of our black colt out of Easy Go.

Donates, sire of our 2 year old filly Shiraz, had a great spring in Florida, winning 1st and 2nd placings at I-1 level in the WEF Dressage Classic with scores over 70%.  This is after winning both the Gold Coast Opener and the Wellington classic at the Intermediare level.

Starlight, under his new rider Irina Haller, is beginning his competition and will be in the Lower-Saxony Championships.  He is the sire of our filly Arissa, who is not for sale.

Statesman, by Stedinger, won the bronze medal for 3 year old stallions at the German National Championships (Bundeschampionat) and then sold at the Oldenburg Elite Auction for a record price of 400,000 Euros. Great news for our friend and fellow American breeder Ann Kitchel.

We are happy to announce the arrival of our 2010 Hoftanz filly out of Silvi.   Hoftanz has been very successful in Germany.  He is a highly modern, noble black stallion from the first crop of the hanoverian and danish licensing winner, His Highness, who won his stallion performance test with an overall score of 149 and an index of 155 for dressage.

This is our 2010 IDOCUS colt, who arrived at the end of May out of our SPS/Elite mare, Aronja.   Idocus is also the sire of Elisabeth Austin's Grand Prix stallion, Olivier.  (See next item.)  Idocus also sired our successful gelding, Innuendo.  (See our workers page.) 

 We want to congratulate Elisabeth Austin on her success at the 2010 Exquis World Dressage Grand Prix won by Steffen Peters.  Elisabeth was the youngest rider in the competition and she competed against a field that included Peters, Anky van Grunsven, and Isabell Werth.


We are so pleased to hear that our very first foal, who was born in Germany, out of our mare Aronja and sired by Chico's Boy is now competing in dressage and doing very well.  He has come home with the High Score award twice.  He also won Champion at both shows.  We couldn't be happier.  His younger full brother Cassanova, who is owned and ridden by Suki Flash, has also started showing at training level and they have won all of their classes as well.


Our mare, Denantes, was ridden by Carolyn Tulumello to two wins at 2nd Level at the Mystic Valley Dressage Show.  She and Carolyn got their required scores at second level in only two shows.   They are now competing successfully at 3rd Level.  We're very excited about this pair. 

All 3 of our foals presented to the GOV Inspection in 2009 were given Premium Ratings.  One of our foals, Roulette - now owned by Emilie Beaupre, DVM, was given the new award of Premium with Distinction.   The picture is of Ironeer (Ironman x Silvio) who has since been sold.

Johannes Westendarp and  the beautiful 5 year old black stallion HOFTANZ (see our sires page) won the Bundeschampionate qualification class at Hof Kasselmann in Hagen, Germany.  Congratulations to both of them.  Our mare Silvi was bred to Hoftanz and produced a lovely filly.

ARISSA (Starlight x Aronja).  We are so happy to share the first pictures of our wonderful filly Arissa.  Here she is at one day of age.  We've been waiting for a filly out of this SPS Elite mare since the day we imported her and we couldn't be more thrilled.  She's everything we could have hoped for.

IRONEER (Ironman x Feodana).  Our mare Feodana (Silvi) presented us with a healthy and very uphill colt, sired by Ironman.  Powerful and full of life, this colt has been sold.  See more pictures of him on our foals page.

At the 2008 Annual GOV Breed Show held at HP Hannoverians in Maryland, Our mare EASY GO won her mare class and went on to win the Mature Horse Championship at the show. 

FANDANGO (Florencio x Easy Go) placed second in a huge class of 2008 colts and drew wonderful comments.  This was his first time off of the farm and we were thrilled with his demeanor.  Although he was unwilling to demonstrate his walk, due to such thrilling distractions, he was easy to handle and behaved like a prince.  A video of his trot is available on YouTube.  He has since been sold.

USDF Year end awards for 2008 were published and we're proud to announce that our gelding Innuendo (Idocus/Mara) finished his first year at Second Level with the following successes:  #2 in AA for the GOV, #1 in USDF Region 5 in AA, #3 horse for the Dover National Merit Award and #7 for GOV in Open.  He's also #13 AA USDF.  Innuendo has been sold in Colorado to Alysa Levine and he will continue his dressage career under the guidance of their coach, Uwe Steiner.

Denantes ended her first year of showing (only 2 shows in 2008) ranking #6 AA at first level for GOV and #12 horse in the open AA division for GOV.    Denantes, at only her second recognized dressage competition, at GMHA, won all of her classes at First Level, won high score and is now fully qualified for the Regional Championships and went on to win the fifth place at regionals.

Innuendo (Marty) went to 2nd level and at his second show he fully qualified for the USDF Championships and won almost all of his classes and AA High Point award for both days at the 2008 Autumn Hill Dressage Festival in June with a combined score of 72.9%.

March, 2008 - Our mare, Easy Go, delivered a c
olt by Florencio.  This youngster is named "Floneur".  Check out our photo gallery to see the first pictures of the new colts.

March, 2008 - Our St.Pr./Elite mare, Aronja, presented us with a handsome colt.  This colt is by Las Vegas and is named "Lord Willing".

Florencio Wins 2008 VHO Trophy.  Florencio is the sire of our 2008 colt Floneur.

Jan. 2008 - Dream Street Stallion's Starlight wins USDF Sport Horse Breeding "Horse of the Year".

Our new mare,Tantriste, (barn name is Trixie) has arrived from Germany.  She is the daughter of Samarant (Sandro Hit/Brentano II) out of St.Pr./ Elite mare, Tantieme, (Feiner Stern/Bonjour).

2007 - Innuendo (Marty) won again at the  2007 Dressage Championships to become the USDF Region 5 First Level Champion and stands 16th in the Horse of the Year standings.  We couldn't be more proud of both Marty and Alysa.

2007 - Our gelding, Innuendo, continues his dressage career by taking two high score awards and placing either first or second in every recognized show that he has entered in Colorado.

Idocus and his rider Courtney King won the Grand Prix Freestyle at the 2007 Festival of Champions.  Idocus is the sire of Olivier and Marty and grandsire of Ole.

Canaan Farm's Donates won Reserve Champion at the 2007 Markel/USEF Young Horse Championships, scoring an impressive 7.90.  Our filly Shiraz (out of Sazarac) is sired by Donates.

At the 6th Oldenburg Elite Foal Auction (Aug. 24-25, 2007), a Florencio filly, Elfenschau, set the record price for a filly.  Sired by the two time World Champion Florencio, (known for scoring perfect 10's at the Championships) this filly sold for 72,000 euros  Florencio also sired 2 other top selling foals, who sold for 33,000 and 45,000 euros. 

 Donnerhall named supreme sire for dressage.  Warkant, Weltmeyer, Florestan and Rubinstein are also listed.

2006 - Farewell III, sire of our colt, Farenheit, beat the double world champion, Damon Hill, to become the champion 6 year old dressage horse at the 2006 Bundeschampionate in Warrendorf, Germany.   He was scored extremely high for his walk and overall elasticity, which were the two biggest reasons that we chose this stallion as a sire for Farenheit.

Marta Kaufmann's Donnerschwee/Grundstein mare, Donegal,  ridden by Jaye Cherry won the CDS Intermediare 1 horse of the year open in California.  In addition, Donegal won Grand Champion mare with the incredible score of 88.6%.  Not only was this a record breaking score, but it is also Donegal's fifth year in a row to win this award.  Our promising young mare, Denantes, is also a Donnerschwee/Grundstein daughter. 

At the 2006 elite mare show in Germany two of Holly Simensen's mares not only made premium, but were selected for the Brilliant ring.  This is a great honor for any breeder and is particularly notable as Holly is one of few American breeders to reach that goal.  Let's hear it for American warmblood breeders!  Congratulations Holly! has pointed out that the Hanoverian stallion, Feiner Stern is "the most successful dam sire of the moment".  This stallion is the dam sire of our newest imported mares, Easy Go and Tantriste.

At the 2006 Swedish stallion performance tests, both the first and second placed four year olds are Rubinstein grandsons.  Both horses scored exceptionally high in gaits and rideablity -- a common result of Rubinstein's influence and evidenced in our broodmare, Aronja.

The 2005 breeding value indices in dressage are listed and it's interesting to note, though deceased, that Donnerhall is still ranked highly (BV 154, Assurance 99%).  He is the sire of the number one (Don Schufro) and number two (Don Frederico) ranked sires.  Rubinstein, Florestan, and Sandro Hit sons are also all in the top 20 sires (out of 2,738 dressage stallions).

Aug, 2005  Duino, a Donnerschwee son, won the 3 year old stallion riding championship at the 2005 Bundeschampionate in Warendorf, Germany with a total score of  65.5.  His guest riders gave him scores of 10.00 and 9.50!  Outstanding!  Donnerschwee is the sire of our mare, D'Nontes and grandsire of her filly, Donali.

Aug, 2005  A Sir Donnerhall x Florestan filly became the 2005 German Filly Champion at the 2005 German Foal Championships.  Both bloodlines are represented in our foals.

Aug, 2005  All three of our 2005 foals made premium at the first Oldenburg Inspection held in northern Vermont.  The GOV inspectors from Germany were Mareile Oellrich-Overesch and Bastian Sharmann.   There were twelve horses inspected at this event.

July, 2005  The Oldenburg Verband has selected numerous young horses with direct connection to our bloodlines including  Fürst Heinrich sons, Donnerschwee sons, a Rubenstein mare, and Sir Donnerhall to represent the Oldenburg breed at the 2005 Bundeschampionate.