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Lake Champlain, VT, SunsetArissaRhomeo headSomerEdith at Essex
 Carolyn & Bo at EssexBecky TrainSuki & OodlesGayle & Somer 
Annabel & DonaliTussi at GOVAbbey at GOVShiraz in Sept 
Arissa Edith & Ann ThalKenzie from behindVidaSuki in clinic
Pictures of our Animals
Laurinda & Aronja Somer at homeAnnabel & DonaliSuki & Oodles
Willy in MA Easy & EdithGayle's horses at playKenzie 
Katie Butland Rhomeo at GOVZylkeAnnabel & Liz
Edith jumping Willy & AnnaSomer at GOVRhomeo & Rob
Shiraz3 AbascusAbby at birthCB 
Florencio May MaySprite headSprite (Fandango), Easy Go, and Johannes